Saturday, 20 July 2013

Whoops, I'm in New Zealand!


I've spent the past two weeks on a wonderful, relaxing post-exams holiday. It's been wonderful; however, my internet access has been limited to non-existent, hence my lack of posts on here as of late. I did manage to spend some between-skiing downtime to work on a couple of drafts I've got hidden away though, so it wasn't all wasted on lazing about and soaking up the sights!

Unfortunately, being a broke student, I couldn't afford to see the Hobbit holes in Hobbiton (Matamata). I did, however, get to see this guy on my way to watch World War Z:

I fly back home tomorrow (CIVILISATION AT LAST! I kid, I kid), and don't go back to uni for a couple of weeks yet, so I'll have plenty of time to do nothing but drink tea and write. Keep watching this space for the latest Defiance recap, a special feature on Skyrim landscapes (a topic quite close to my heart), and a World War Z book/movie comparison, as well as some new regular weekly features.

-The Pixel Pixie

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