Monday, 17 June 2013

These are not the coherent thoughts you're looking for...

I know, I know. I've just started this blog, and already I'm neglecting my duties as a diligent writer. But it's for a good reason, I promise! Unfortunately uni exams are taking up most (if not all) of my time, energy and brain power. I am seriously struggling to focus on anything that isn't media terminology or 'convergence culture' or any other tedious subject- well, it's not all that tedious, but somehow academia manages to make everything just that little bit less interesting.

But I digress. Exams will be over in three days, so until then here's a few things that have really made my week so far:
Watching endless trailers/gameplay footage of The Last of Us. 


I am completely jealous of everyone and anyone who owns a PS3 and has the dosh to splash on what looks like an absolute masterpiece of a game. Phenomenally breathtaking graphics supported by excellent narrative and seamless, innovative game play? Um, yes please! Not to mention the post-apocalyptic setting is almost always a winner with me. I haven't been this excited about a game since they announced Skyrim. I am seriously considering picking up a preowned PS3 just so I can buy and play this game, as I'm pretty doubtful they're going to do a PC release. I am not kidding. I need this in my life. Anyone want to sponsor me?

Having my housemate continuously ask me what the "point" of Skyrim is.

 She has literally asked me this question about three times in the past week. She doesn't really 'get' games. Except for Candy Crush.

Getting a little bit teary over Indie Game: The Movie


If I was the kind of person to have a bucket list, making a documentary would definitely be up there. Like, right up there. I think this documentary does such an excellent job of not only taking the viewer through the reality of 'making it' in the indie games industry, but also of showing the darker side of the creative process. Self-doubt, perfectionism, and fearing not only the ever-looming 'what ifs' but also the ultimate success of your own creation: these ideas are all scarily familiar to any creative soul who's poured their everything into a project. You just have to appreciate a good film where the story takes you on a journey and really impacts you long after the credits roll. Love!

Eagerly anticipating the release of Video Games: The Movie.


Yes, another documentary of a somewhat similar name and subject matter! Seriously, one look at all those big names just has to get you a little bit excited. Promising to delve in to the realm of gaming culture, the nature and state of the video games industry, and the possibility of what lies ahead, this looks to be one comprehensive film. The Kickstarter project for this ends in just 45 hours, but luckily they've already well surpassed their initial goal of $60,000 by about forty grand. Not surprising, but still pretty awesome to see!

I'm definitely going to be writing a review for Indie Game: The Movie, as well as post new stuff on here at least daily. I've got a couple of features in the works as well, so stay tuned!

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to that heavy text book and attempt to memorise the difference between metonymy and modernity. I was thinking just before how I would do so much better at university if there was some sort of achievement points system and ultimate end prize. Then I realised that those things already exist, in the form of grades and a degree

God, I could use some more coffee.

-The Pixel Pixie

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