Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Greetings, blogosphere!

As I'm writing this, the sun has just risen and is starting to violate my sleepy eyes with its overly friendly rays. I'd intended on getting a good night's rest (naive, as always), but thanks to a returning case of insomnia and a lively twitter feed surrounding Microsoft's E3 conference, it was not to be. Though I may be spending most of today either sleeping until some unreasonable time in the afternoon, or sluggishly trekking back and forth to my local cafe for infinite cappuccinos, I can say it was a rather productive night (and I'm not talking about the failed banana bread I baked). Why? Because I finally did it! I got a blog up and running! While I do have a tumblr, I've been in desperate need of a dedicated writing space for far too long now- somewhere I can actually reference as a portfolio of sorts, rather than a collection of hilarious cat pictures and Game of Thrones gif sets.

And so, after much procrastinating and a bit of encouragement from my housemate ("Get a blog. You need to start a blog. Brooke. Seriously. Do it. And get a twitter. You know you need to do these things."), it's finally begun. I've got a lot of ideas in my head, and I'm looking forward to getting all those crazy thought out of there and on to here.

And so in the spirit of the awesome Stan Lee documentary I watched last night: excelsior!

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